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About Goodies

Emoke Csikos

Goodies are free Add-Ons developed by Graphisoft to complete Archicad with specific abilities and features. As of Archicad 22, you can install all Goodies at once with the help of the Archicad Goodies Suite installer. Goodies are based on legacy code which Graphisoft does not support anymore. Feel free to use them but please be advised that they might not function properly and they will not be fixed or upgraded.

You can download the installer of the Goodies Suite from Graphisoft's download sitePlease find more detailed information on each add-on of the Goodies Suite in the articles listed below.

wp-content_uploads_2016_06_Info_18x18.png NOTE: Some Add-Ons of the Goodies Suite are not available in certain markets.

David Shorter

Ok so who was the genius who decided that after 15 or more years the installation of the goodies would not update the work environment.

This is the most stupid omission to the upgrade process I have ever seen.

Why oh why would you do something like this to upset so many users.

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