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Accidentally worked in demo mode. Cannot save the project.

Barry Kelly
I am not sure how the software licenses work as I don't use them, but as far as I know there is nothing silent about working in demo mode.
You should always be prompted with this if there is no license.

You have to agree to run in demo mode as far as I know.
But once in demo mode that is it - no way to save.

If it started properly (with a license) but then you lose the license, re-establishing the license should allow you to save again.

So I am not sure what happened in your case, but if it is in demo mode then you have lost what you have done.

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And as soon as you lose your licence, in the case of unplugging a hardware key, you get a popup asking if you would like to save or not before automatically closing AC, which disappears once a hardware key is re-inserted. Would assume software keys would work the same way if you can lose it without closing AC.


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Eduardo Rolon
MikeDangelo wrote:
Hi all, today I had problems downloading the license when I opened ArchiCAD. After canceling and restarting ArchiCAD worked normally and I started to work on my model. After 1h I noticed that I could not save the model, because ArchiCAD is in the demo mode. The license information states that I am still logged in with my account (which has a license for a full version) . How do I manage to save my work or transfer it to the full version? I find this silent opening in demo mode really dangerous...
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