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Adding an Epson A3 printer as plotter?

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hi everyone, ive just purchased an A3 printer from Epson and still not working out how I should add this printer in Archicad. In autocad, i noticed that when they print out stuff, they just hit 'plot' button and i thought it would be the same with Archicad??! could anyone please help me in this issue? im using Archicad 10 educational version hence the prints got watermark on them. thank you very much for your helps in advance

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If you install the printer through your operating system (in the conventional manner), it should show up in ArchiCAD as a printer when you go to "Print".

I don't think you will be able to add it as a plotter. i don't know what the benefit of this would be in any case. (we've had 3 Epson A3 printers in the past, and all installed as a printer)

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