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Application Archicad.exe has been blocked from accessing Graphics hardware.


As the heading says. The user emailed to say they'd received this message late in the day in Auckland NZ.


HP Z4 G4

Quadro RTX4000 (Driver Version: 472.98 / Date: 2022.1.31)

Windows 10 - Archicad 27


Had tried using later drivers recently, but these were all very unstable.

Any ideas welcome.

Scott Boyd Turner

That is a very old driver, current driver is R550 U6 (552.55) release 2024.6.4.


Has the user being keeping up to date with windows and driver builds?  My experience is that newer drivers have been very stable, must be something else in the system, have 20+ HP workstations and no problems from any users here.




MSI Creator ZP16, i7-12700H, 32GB RAM, RTX 3070 8GB

System was completely reinstalled earlier this year after the primary drive failed. Windows is updated regularly.

At the time of the drive replacement the latest NVIDIA drivers were installed, but had to be rolled back due to instabilities.


However, that said, last month 4 out 8 sticks of RAM failed. And the full complement was replaced. I hadn't tried the newer drivers since. Will install shortly and provide feedback.