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ArchiCAD 23 and Windows 7

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I am well aware that Windows 7 has been deprived of further support by Microsoft and that ArchiCAD 23 does not support Win7. However, we are still using Windows 7 for a number of reasons, and we will not replace it with Windows 10 for now yet. I have also installed ArchiCAD 23 on a number of those Win7 machines and it works without any problems.

However, with two Win7 workstations we have a minor problem. ArchiCAD 23 works but upon launching it, the user gets the following warning: "The application cannot start, because the version/build number of one or more modules are not compatible. The reason can be: - update installation failed / was interruped; - you have several versions of the application on your computer and some of them are not updated yet; - some modules were replaced manually."

The user has to focus that warning window and press OK to continue. After that, everything works.

The installation was not interrupted and no modules were replaced manually. There are several versions of ArchiCAD but all have been updated to the latest version.

On one of the machines with that problem, I uninstalled all versions of ArchiCAD and deleted all ArchiCAD folders, including from the registry. After that I installed only ArchiCAD 22 and updated it to version 7000. That version works flawlessly. Then I installed ArchiCAD 23 and still got the same error message.

On other Win7 machines, ArchiCAD 21, 22 and 23 are installed and I get no such warning message.

Since ArchiCAD works even on the problem machines, all in all, and it is just the matter of having to press OK, this must be a "cosmetic" warning. Would anyone here know a workaround or the cause of that warning?