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Archicad 11 Not Working

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I used to work in Archicad 9 & 11 which used a WIBU-Key. When I upgraded to 18, Graphisoft sent me a Codemeter. When I did the necessary steps to get the Codemeter programmed, the WIBU-Key stopped working and Archicad 11 stopped working.

Recently, a long time client needed drawings printed from Archicad 11. Pulling them into 18 is not an option because a lot of things don't translate correctly because of the drastic change in rendering engines between 11 & 18.

I was instructed by Graphisoft to download a Codemeter Enabler file to make Archicad 11 work with the Codemeter. This did not work. Another person from Graphisoft instructed me to delete the WIBU-Key driver, then install the Codemeter Enabler file. This did not work. Archicad 11 is still trying to find the WIBU-Key and driver even after the Codemeter enabler file was installed correctly.

All this is done on a Windows 7 Home Premium computer.

Any suggestions on how to get Archicad 11 to stop trying to find the WIBU-Key and find the Codemeter?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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