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Archicad 20 - "Sorry Archicad will not run on this computer"

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I just installed Archicad 20 on the same computer I'm using Archicad 19. After installation, I tried to run it and got this error:

Archicad environment
Sorry Archicad will not run on this computer

Problem: Incompatible Windows theme (Visual Styles are disabled).

ARCHICAD will not run if your Windows theme is Classic or a High Contrast theme. In order to run ARCHICAD, please open the Windows Control Panel
and choose a different Windows theme.

I've never had this issue before. The computer OS is Server 2008-R2.

Any ideas?

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
Just an idea but this restriction could be related to the brand new User Interface and may this is why AC19 runs on this OS and AC20 does not.
What happens if you do what it says and switch to another Theme?

But I an not really surprised, Windows 2008 is a very old operating system and ARCHICAD usually supports only the last 2-3 versions of an OS:
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Not applicable you know or can you point me to a place that shows the backward compatibility of Windows 10 and Archicad? I am currently in the slow jerky process of bringing old projects up to 18. Thanks
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I found a solution for ArchiCAD 20 on Windows 7 with same error message at a windows forum dealing with changing to Windows basic theme

Windows key+R
type: services.msc
Scroll down to Theme and right click
select restart
Pick any highlighted theme other than windows classic or high contrast
I selected Aero-Architecture

This worked for me after installing version 20-7001 with same error message coming up