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Archicad 22 Crashes on Startup when OpenGL Requirements Are Not Met

Haris Matthaiou

Affected version: Archicad 22 6001

Archicad 22 may crash upon launch with the Update 6001 if the graphics card driver does not support OpenGL 3.3 capabilities. Apart from users with limited physical graphics card support, this issue also affects users launching Archicad inside a virtualized environment like Windows Remote Desktop and Parallels.

Due to a performance issue with OpenGL that was affecting users who ran OpenGL 3.2 or older, we decided in Archicad 22 Update 6001 to be more strict with OpenGL 3.3 compliance. 

Fixed with Update 6021 FULL and 6022 SOLO releases.

  • Please update your graphics card driver to the latest version and check whether the issue is resolved.
  • If Archicad is running inside a virtualized container, try running it in native mode.
  • Roll back to Archicad 5009 build by uninstalling Archicad , re-installing it and applying the 5009 Update.

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