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Available Physical Memory

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Hello everyone

How much memory (physical memory) are you guys have available and what is your RAM size.
for example I am running with 2GB of ram and have available 1.03GB when ArchiCAD and Plot Maker are open.

it seem to me that that is a lot of memory being used by two programs, so i would like to compare with you guys.

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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
Probably the most important factor in this is how large is the Project File you have opened. So these numbes can vary greatly.
My Archicad usually uses around 100-200 MB of memory, but a lot more if it is generating a large 3D Window model or rendering. Then it can use up all the memory of the system (I have 1 GB).
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I have 4gb ram and 1gb ram Fire ATI, I usually have about 2.4gb ram available and this is using a complex project. Bearing in mind this is in version 10 with no plotmaker.


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