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Bootcamp not finding Server License

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Hello all, looking for a bit of wisdom here. I am not very familiar with Windows.

All of the people in my office are running OS X and they are able to retrieve licenses from the Codemeter License Server just by opening ArchiCAD.

We have one person now who, on his iMac, is running Bootcamp to use Windows and is trying to begin working with ArchiCAD, but he cannot find a license.

I have made sure the "run as network server" box is not checked off, his port is correct, he is on the correct network, and just to be certain that it wasn't a firewall issue, I turned windows firewall off completely. Upon startup of Archicad he is still asked to run in Demo mode because there is no license found.

The Codemeter version is 5.21, and Bootcamp is running Windows 7 Ultimate (This seems outdated to me, but I didn't know what version he was on until five seconds ago when I asked).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Graphisoft Partner
Graphisoft Partner
Is the machine on a different Subnet than the Keyserver? If so, you need to explicitly tell it where the server is, as the auto search will only search within the current subnet.

To tell the machine where the server is, open up the webadmin (http://localhost:22350 in your browser) and go to the Configuration tab.

Now you can add the server to your Server Search List by clicking the Add button. Enter the IP address or name of the server and then click OK (I usually add the name first, and then hit Add again and enter the IP address as well).

Make sure you hit the 'Apply' button to save your changes, and then try firing up ARCHICAD again.
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