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March_ Bruce
This has been partly discussed elsewhere however with the new core aware archicad 12 I'm just wondering about real word differences between a tricked out Macbook Pro (say 2.4Ghz 6/320-7200) or a Mac Pro 8 core (say 2.8Ghz 8/4xRAID @ 7200)

I did a crippled demo at the Apple Store & could only use about 20% of the horsepower running 4 archicads (only 1 would render) off an external FW400 drive (slow) nor being able to run VirtualBox - so it was tough to tell...

RAID uses horseys too... Xbench test results only show roughly a 2x benefit & it was clear that archicad when rendering had some bottleneck in my demo to only use 20% capacity...? An external lappy RAID (2x) is also an option...

Any anecdotal insights welcome! Thx!

Not applicable
i know someone using mac pro with 8 cores, i dunno the exact configuration in his machine

but he told me that the 3d navigation is significantly faster than previous version.

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