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Crash on startup on Mac

Boldizsar Vermes

Affected versions: ARCHICAD 23 | Severity: workaround applicable | ID: 262165


ARCHICAD 23 cannot be launched by a specific user on Mac. The application crashes immediately. The Bug Report can be neither submitted (the error message refers to network communication errors) nor saved locally (Cannot open report file for writing—says the error message).


The system volume has the same name as the user. ARCHICAD 23 cannot find the right folders to work within due to this naming choice. The issue will not occur after creating a new user account on the same machine since the user and system volume will, in this case, be different names.


Rename either the user or the system volume. The first can be done based on the steps detailed in this article from Apple Support. The system volume can be renamed in Finder by going to the Computer window (⇧⌘C) and choosing Rename from the File menu after selecting the drive.

Renaming either the system drive or the user and its home folder may influence the linked contents (Libraries, Hotlink Modules, External Drawings, XREF Files) in your former projects. Check and re-link them if needed.

There may be repercussions with other installed software to either user or system folder renaming.


The defect causing this kind of crash has been fixed in ARCHICAD 23 Update 40xx.

If you have any trouble with this topic or the workaround does not solve your issue, please contact your local GRAPHISOFT support representative for further support.

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