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Documents Error at open : disk read/write

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I'm desperately trying to find a solution to my problem:
Im using Archicad 16 (hotfix3 ok) on a new pc recently bought to replace an older one

When i try to open my documents, i've got an error talking about a read/write error... see the screenshot: I'll translate: 'Archicad has detected a read/write error on the disk and is gonna exit.'

=> thus, Pc is new, this is an hp workstation, SSD sata drives (RAID1), quite plan new and no error detected. Files failed to open, whether it's located on a server or locally. Full rights have been given to the file (everybody => full control) , no specific user rights with lower rights.

Our local reseller told us he couldn't help, so someone here around may have an idea?

more specifications: documents use the MEP library.

the OS is windows 7 64bits pro.
all system requirements are made.

please let me know if you have an idea.

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To me looks like an error with the raid set-up. Hardware or software raid?

The performance gains you will get with a raid array of SSD's with ArchiCAD would be pretty marginal over SSD only, you would really only save time when opening ArchiCAD, loading and saving files / libraries to the SSD array and even then the time savings would be in the order of seconds per hour.

Unless you need high bandwidth and data integrity of Raid 1 array, eg for 4k video editing, I would split the array and use shadow copy or similar to mirror the drive to hard drive on idle if you are worried about SSD reliability, but newer enterprise class SSD's seem to have good reliability and error checking so daily backup should be more than sufficient.

Best of Luck
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