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El Capitan

Stephen Dolbee
Is there any word out on Apples latest operating system and how it works with AC19?
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Eduardo Rolon
From an email that you should have received from GSUS:
Alert: Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan & ARCHICAD

Apple will soon release MAC OS 10.11. As part of our standard process, GRAPHISOFT actively researches all upcoming Operating System releases to maintain compatibility with current products.

Until further notice, please do not update to Mac OS X 10.11. Our official tests and compatibility information will be available after Mac OS X 10.11 is publicly released. Update notifications appear within ARCHICAD as soon as they are available.

In the meantime, click to check in here to learn more about known issues and get updated information.
and the link:
Eduardo Rolón AIA NCARB
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another Moderator

so.........can anyone report back on AC19 & the public release of El Capitan?

Can we confidently upgrade and forge ahead?
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Karl Ottenstein
PB wrote:
so.........can anyone report back on AC19 & the public release of El Capitan?

Can we confidently upgrade and forge ahead?
Hi P,

Absolutely NOT. Read the linked article below. Sounds like a total nightmare and nobody should upgrade to El Capitan until Graphisoft makes a very public announcement, similar to the email that many (most?) of us received recently.

It also sounds like versions older than 18 may not work under El Capitan (we'll have to wait and see) - so as always, it is strongly advisable to clone your boot disk BEFORE upgrading so that you can reboot into your old OS if you need to run an older version of AC that is not compatible with the newer OS X.
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Not applicable
This was in an email we received from Cadimage / Archicad Solutions Team…
Archicad wrote:
Important information regarding Mac OSX 10.11 'El Capitan' and ARCHICAD
We have received notification from GRAPHISOFT that MAC OSX 10.11 El Capitan (due for release today) is likely to cause significant errors in ARCHICAD. One such issue is that some drop down menu items within ARCHICAD are not selectable.

Due to this problem (and any other problems that may arise in the final release of El Capitan), we strongly recommend that you don’t update your OS to Mac OSX 10.11 until further notice. As soon as El Capitan is released the GRAPHISOFT team will be testing its compatibility with ARCHICAD, and they will provide updates and recommendations on their HelpCenter website.

Not applicable
Why the GRAPHISOFT team did wait el Capitan released before testing its compatibility with ARCHICAD?
Apple did provide beta versions for a long time enough in order to do these tests in time.

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
You do not seriously suggest that GRAPHISOFT did not test ARCHICAD with El Capitan beta, right?

ARCHICAD 19 was released in June as per the yearly release schedule GRAPHISOFT has been following for many years now. GRAPHISOFT has been testing ARCHICAD with the beta version of El Capitan.
But you can never be sure how something will work until it is actually released, that is the nature of software development. Sometimes things are changed in the last minute: features added, changed, removed.
So all GRAPHISOFT can do is wait for the final version of El Capitan to be released, then do whatever they can to make ARCHICAD work on the new operating system.
Even then, sometimes operating systems contain drastic changes that require a lot of development time to make your application compatible.
So this is in no way a very simple situation.
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Thank you Karl for your kind advice: It is most pertinent.

I must admit that I had received the Graphisoft email & read the article: I was curious (and hopeful...) as to whether someone had taken the plunge and tried AC19 on the official release of El Capitan. More specifically, whether the official release addressed the known issues from the beta releases, or if a subsequent update would be required from Apple and/or Graphisoft
AC27 Apple Silicon. Twinmotion.
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Graphisoft have rapidly addressed the matter...

Short answer: A forthcoming update will remedy the current issues with El Capitan (second half of October), and they have released an interim patch for those that have installed OS X 10.11 against Graphisoft's advice.
AC27 Apple Silicon. Twinmotion.
16" M1 Max MacBook Pro 32GB, Apple Studio Display, MacOS14

Haneef Tayob
Don't know why, but we missed the warning and went ahead to update to El Capitan.
Experienced loss of memory issues. Did the interim patch update.
Didn't solve all the problems.
Found that uninstalling AC19 and then reinstalling it with the patch helped.
So far so good.

PS - We also tried a PRAM reset (cmd + opt + P + R) - not sure if that contributed to helping as well
Haneef Tayob
Aziz Tayob Architects
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