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Enclosing space under stairs

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I would like to create a wall to enclose the space under a staircase. The wall would be the height of the other interior walls on one end but would follow the slope of the stair carriage to a height of about 7" on the other. I can't find how to accomplish this. I'm attaching a picture of the stairs and another picture that will show what I'm trying to accomplish.

Thanks for the help.
Gerald Hoffman
I will assume you don't have Cigraph's ArchiStair which will put a wall under the stair.

The easiest way I have found is to use a roof at the slope of the under side of the stair. Position it in a section with the bottom of the roof plane where you would like the cut angle to be. Then use SEO to subtract the wall above your SEO roof plane.
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I would try SEO first. It used to be hit or miss with stairs but has been pretty reliable since AC9. This saves fussing with another part and the wall will automatically follow changes in the stairs.
Simple SEO works pretty well as can be seen from the attached image.
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I understand about how to add a roof and trim the wall to match that plane. However, what is SEO?
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Dwight Atkinson
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Placing a wall under the stairs and seo works perfect every time.
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Got it! That was actually easy. The hardest part about ArchiCad is learning the terminology.

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