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Error while loading plan file!

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I am the new IT Manager of an Architecture Practice. A member of staff at our practice received an error message when she was trying to open an Archicad drawing that she had previously worked on and saved to our server.

In her own words:

When trying to open drawings created today / yesterday
Drawings start to load & then you get :
“Warning! Error while loading plan file!
Module: Attributes
Stop loading Ignore error & continue”

If you choose to “ignore error & continue” – the drawing partially loads (sometimes most of the drawing)
but the pen colours, layers, fills and line types do not.

So I ended up with a drawing all in the ‘ArchiCAD layer’ & all in black solid lines

Re-trying several times I have managed to occasionally get colours but no fills, or line types & definitely not in their original layers

If you stop loading – it says
“File open error! – the file you are trying to open is damaged! Do you want ArchiCAD to try recovering it?
Important: the recovery can be slow and might lead to an ArchiCAD system error
Do not recover it Recover it”
If you choose “recover it” – it goes back to the original error message.


She is working on Archicad 8.1 on a Windows XP client accessing a shared directory on our server (Windows 2003). Every works in this manner direct from the server and no one has ever had this problem before.

Should it be a simple case of removing Archicad and reinstalling it? Has the software become corrupt and needs reinstalling?

Can the damaged files be recovered or will she have to start again?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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I've the same problems with Mac OS X 10.5.2 client, Mac OS X 10.5.2 Server (AFP share), Archicad 8.1
Any solution?!

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