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Could someone please help direct me to find the extras, -slab accessories in particular that I keep reading about in ACAD Forums.

Experimenting with a simple slab profile in section for the first time-slab to 45 degree footing, and finding lots of references to accessories and extras in Forum but cannot find going through every pull-down menu in app. or hits with searches in manual online or hard copy.

Also, seems like the experienced users recommend just using the complex wall profile-which I've never used but can certainly find and would be happy to experiment with, or beam and wall combo-since I'm such a newbie would really appreciate being steered to what most seem to find works best/easiest.

I know I have to experiment away but always helpful to at least be pointed in the right direction to do so.



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Hello Tad,
Are you sure you downloaded "Goodies" from the Graphisoft site ?
All of the accessories/extras/add-ons in AC 10 have to be
downloaded. Go to the help menu and click on AC 10 Goodies
which is a link to the GS site. Down load everything on the
page including Accessories Library which is at the bottom of the page
(you have to scroll down to it).
As to using complex profiles, do a search with the keyword "footing"
and you will find discussion on using complex profiles to make
stem walls with a footing.
Peter Devlin

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Great, That was exactly the information I needed to get going.
Thanks so much Peter for the prompt reply and directions.

Off I go to download and do some more research and experimenting.



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Your welcome
Peter Devlin

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