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How to disable Archicad Bug Reporter


It's annoying enough that your expensive software keeps crashing at all - the subsequent bug report, asking you to waste even more time filling out bug reports feels a bit like a [moderated]. 😕


I suggest that the bug reporter should be an opt-in feature controlled in Archicad settings. Until that time:


Easy way to disable the Archicad Bug Reporter app GSReport on MacOS is to

1. Go to your Applications folder > Graphisoft > Archicad

2. Right-click Archicad app and select "Show package contents"

3. Navigate to Content > MacOS

4. Rename the "GSReport" app here to "_GSReport"


Easy as that - you've just saved yourself unnecessary additional annoyance when your AC crashes. 👍🏻

Screen Shot 2021-11-12 at 4.09.11 pm.png

Jiri, registered architect

Noémi, you are totally missing the point of what a forum is, its purpose, how Graphisoft could benefit from the forum, and how what used to be a pleasant and useful experience can become extremely irritating.

I don't think Noemi is missing the point at all.

She is just saying Graphisoft strongly recommends not to mess around with the program as there could be consequences.


But yes it would be super-nice if we could just decide not to submit a bug and simply close the bug reporter.

Rather than having to force quit or wait till the end of the info gathering process.



One of the forum moderators.
Versions 6.5 to 25
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