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How to undelete archicad projects?

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Hi, I was last week i was working on my school projects, and meanwhile i had to restart my computer. Unfortunately my windows crashed and the only thing i could do was to recovery my system. after that i installed Easy File Undeleted and tried to undelete my archicad projects. But the only what i found was some unimportant stuff, and i can't find anything from my work. Can sb help me and tell me what i do wrong? What should i do? The due time is next week and it's imposible to do them from the start

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I assume you don't have any backups or older versions somewhere.

I don't think there is anything anyone here can do to help. Perhaps a different file recovery program will help but if the hard drive is damaged or the files corrupted there is nothing that can bring them back.

It is also possible that the "restore" function wiped your hard drive. Many Windows restore functions actually restore the hard drive to its original factory condition. If this is the case the files, or parts of them, may still be there but there will be no directory for them. This would require using an advanced recovery program to rebuild the directory and there is no guarantee that parts of the files weren't overwritten by the new system install.

It is quite likely that your files are lost and further efforts at recovery will only take time away from recreating the work. Perhaps you should contact your professor and see what you can work out with him/her.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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