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Is it easy to master Archicad once you know Revit?


My husband and I are business partners, we have a firm together. The thing is that our Revit license will expire this Octuber and he is insisted we try Archicad once It's expired, He has used before so he has more expierience but I don't, all my life (as architect) I've only used Revit, as he keeps insisteing to change to Archicad I tried the free trial version but I can't I mean felt like an ignorant. My husband says that once you know Revit it's easier but I couldn't.


We have had a lot of users come from Practices that use Revit and almost all of them have picked it up within a very short period of time and they all prefer Archicad having used both. I myself have only ever used Archicad so can only pass on my colleagues comments.

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Hi @chriss232,

I see there’s no similarity between Archicad & Revit only in the BIM approach so the best software for you is the one you feel comfortable with hence I prefer you try Archicad and give him ( and your husband ) the chance to be fair but once you felt uncomfortable back together to Revit or any other software there are much more than Revit : Vectoworks, Allplan,  Archline, Edificius and many more, here’re some help:

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If you have Graphisoft ID you can use Graphisoft Learn website to learn Archicad.


Getting Started with Archicad for Revit® Users


or this you can find some courses in this post "Best tutorials to learn Archicad":

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I work on both. Their logic is different. It's most important to understand the Archicad's logic in terms of schematic design, design development and construction documents. If you used to work with dimension tools in Revit, it will take you a little bit of time to understand how Archicad works that way. The perspective view in Archicad is the Revit's camera view. You'll prefer the Archicad 3d view than that of Revit. It's easier to make customized furniture or objects (families) in Revit than Archicad. Families, system families, and family type are very interesting in Revit. In Revit, we can edit families depending on the ways we created them. For example, if we used extrusion in plan to create a side of a table, we should use the plan to edit it. If the elevation has been used, editing will be possible from the same method of creation. In Archicad, you can use the way you want to create or edit an object. You will have more freedom in Archicad in this way. System families in Revit have been designed according to some standards. Doors and windows, for example, come with some constraints. We can't modify those constraints without using the appropriate way to do that. You'll have more freedom in Archicad that way. Doors and windows are integrated into the walls in Archicad. If we decide to hide the walls, doors and windows will be hidden as well and automatically. In Revit, they can be detached. We can decide to hide the walls to keep working on the doors or windows separately. The layer's system of both the software programs are completely different. 

Martin Luther Jules
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I am about to be diving into revit and this is awesome. Unfortunately times dictate that I give up on Archicad and my gdl for the time being.  I word to revit since that's what everyone hiring is after.  I'm excited and disappointed.  Anyone know some good revit forums or start points lol.

This platform belongs to Graphisoft. We prefer promoting Archicad here. However, I understand your point. It depends on where you live. In California, for example, there are a lot of Archicad users. As you said, Revit families would be easier than GDL objects of Archicad. Go with what you think will give you more opportunities on the market.

Martin Luther Jules
AC 10-27 (Full)
Asus | 64 GB RAM | Windows 11