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Loading library parts extremely slow when updating hotlinks

Hello. I have a teamwork file with three hotlinked .pln files into it, each containing a building model (around 25MB each, not super complex). When I update the hotlinks it loads incredibly slow, staying for minutes on "Loading default library parts" and "Loading Library Parts" and then a number, say 141 and the filename of one of the hotlinked files, after 5-10 minutes it moves on to 142 and so on, seemingly getting stuck on a few files and then moving on. All 4 of these files use the same library (Archicad Library 21) and none of them use that many objects of library files.

What could be the issue here? Is it a network speed problem, or something corrupt in my .pln-files causing some hangups? In other projects it works fine. I don't really know how to trouble shoot this, but it's causing a massive slowdown.

Edit: this doesn't always happen, sometimes it goes through smoothly, like 20-30 seconds per file to update.
| AC 25 Int | Win10 | i7-7800X | 32 GB | GeForce RTX 2060 6GB |