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Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

Marton Kiss

Compatible versions

Supported versions:

  • GRAPHISOFT is maintaining compatibility for ARCHICAD 15, 16, 17 and 18 and connected products (BIMcloud, BIMx, BIM Server, BIM Server Manager) on OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

Compatible, but not supported versions:

  • ARCHICAD 19 can be run on Mountain Lion but it was designed to work correctly with newer versions of the Mac OS X.
  • ARCHICAD 10-14 versions can be run on Mountain Lion, though these were designed to work with older versions of the operating system. As a result of this there is no official support for operating system specific problems.

Incompatible versions:

  • ARCHICAD 20 and newer versions are incompatible with Mountain Lion (cannot be installed).
  • ARCHICAD 9 and older versions cannot be run on Mountain Lion.
  • The Rosetta environment that allowed to run programs that were designed for the PowerPC processors was discontinued in OS X 10.7 Lion. As a consequence, ARCHICAD10 will be the oldest version running on OS 10.8 Mountain Lion and files created with ARCHICAD 6.0 or older will not open on OS 10.8. PlotFlow, which is also a PPC application, won't work either (it is no longer part of the ARCHICAD package from AC15).

Upgrade checklist

  • Study this article for any known issues, difficulties
  • Back up all of your ARCHICAD / BIM Server specific data before upgrading the operating system
  • Return all borrowed licenses before upgrading the OS
  • Allow yourself enough time for the upgrade, do not upgrade the OS close to a deadline
  • Install all current operating system updates and ARCHICAD updates prior to the upgrade
  • Upgrade the operating system
  • Install all updates for the new system
  • Test ARCHICAD and the BIM Server (see BIM Server doesn't start after migrating to Mountain Lion topic of this article below)
If migrating to a new computer please see Transferring data between computers with Apple's Migration Assistant topic of this article below.

Startup issues


No WIBU-KEY driver found (501) error message appears after updating to Mountain Lion

To address this problem you need to re-install the Wibu/CodeMeter driver.
  • remove your USB key from the computer
  • you can find the driver on the ARCHICAD installation DVD or you can download the latest GRAPHISOFT tested version from here.
  • run CmInstall.mpkg from the CodeMeter folder of the DVD if you have a silver - CodeMeter key
  • run !WKInstall.mpkg from the WIBU folder of the DVD if you have a green - Wibu key
  • restart the computer after the installation has finished and replace your USB key
If you use the downloaded version of the driver you will need to change the Gatekeeper settings in order to install it. For details see: #Gatekeeper_-_Security_.26_Privacy

BIM Server doesn't start after migrating to Mountain Lion

For detailed description how to fix your Bim Server see this article.

Known issues


Java Runtime

Java Runtime is not a default part of the Mountain Lion package. When running the first application that requires Java it can be automatically installed:
  • when starting the installation a similar message appears as on the screenshot
  • click install in order to start the automatic installation of the Java package
  • after it is done pass the dialog by clicking on the OK button, which takes you back to the GRAPHISOFT installer
  • proceed with the installation as in usual cases

License upgrades

Java Plug-Ins are by default disabled on OS X versions. The site where license keys can be programmed (new or upgraded license) needs enabled Java Plug-Ins. You can find a complete step-to-step guide here to enable the Plug-Ins.

Gatekeeper - Security & Privacy

Gatekeeper is built in Security option in OS X Mountain Lion that prevents you from running potentially harmful applications. You can access its settings:
  • Open System Preferences
  • Security & Privacy
  • General tab
  • Allow applications downloaded from:
There are three available options:
  • Mac App Store
  • Mac App Store and identified developers
  • Anywhere
With those settings you can control which applications are allowed to be installed on the computer. For the current GRAPHISOFT products the default Mac App Store and identified developers is a good choice, but older versions and the protection key drivers may not be installed using this security option. To allow installation of older packages:
  • open the Gatekeeper settings as in the previous steps
  • change the setting to Anywhere
After the installation is done you may want to revert this setting to the default state. (Mac App Store and identified developers)

Installer is damaged and can't be opened

In certain cases OS X will give the following error when you try to mount a GRAPHISOFT provided dmg downloaded from the Internet: <Installer name>.app is damaged and can't be opened. You should eject the disk image.
This problem can be easily circumvented by setting the Gatekeeper setting to Anywhere as in the previous topic. After that the dmg should mount fine. The installers on the installation DVD are not affected, this issue seems to be related only to downloaded packages.

The uninstaller of the BIM Server gives an error message

This issue has been addressed in the 3rd hotfix for BIM Server for ARCHICAD 15 and in the 7th hotfix for BIM Server for ARCHICAD 14. If you don't have these updates installed just need to run the uninstaller application again.

Dotted lines are not visible if you are zoomed out in the 2D window

Please note that this issue is fixed in ARCHICAD 16 Hotfix #2 (Build 3270) Some dotted line types might be invisible if you zoom far from the model. This only affects the display of the lines within ARCHICAD, the lines appear well on prints/PDFs or if you zoom closer.

Hotfix installation fails if you have all goodie Add-Ons installed

Please note that this issue is fixed in ARCHICAD 16 Hotfix #2 (Build 3270) Applying a hotfix will fail, if you have all 11 goodie Add-Ons (Help menu, ARCHICAD 16 downloads) and the Google Earth Connection package installed. The solution is to uninstall at least one Add-On and apply the hotfix again.

Some national characters are not displayed well during the installation of the BIM Server

Some national characters might be displayed with wrong code page in the dialogs when you install the BIM Server. This does not affect the functionality of the server.

Transferring data between computers with Apple's Migration Assistant

WARNING: Transferring user data to another computer via Apple's Migration Assistant to another computer with a newer OS X version (i.e. Computer A running OSX Lion 10.7 to Computer B running OS X Mountain Lion 10.8) is not advised and may result in corruption of ARCHICAD and BIM Server software. The recommendation is that you first back-up your project files and Teamwork data, then uninstall any GRAPHISOFT software from the original computer, perform the Operating System migration, then re-install GRAPHISOFT software on the new computer. Failing to do so may result in you having to fully re-install your operating system on the new computer and install all programs from scratch along with user data.

Apple hardware

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