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Multi-story module wont remember story range

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In ArchiCAD 21 6013 I'm experiencing a problem in multiple files regarding multi-story modules.

We host numerous house types in a single file over hundreds of stories and export them into a masterplan file by limiting the story range of the specific house module. Relatively straight forward stuff.

However the story range of these modules keep resetting. eg. if I set the module range of "house type 10" to be stories 104-106 a few days later it will be change to story range 0-2 without warning. Some of them keep for a long time and will randomly change one day.

Is this a known bug or has anybody else experienced something similar through working this way?

Daniel Kovacs
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

I haven't found a record of such an issue, so it is definitely something new. If it happens a lot, here's what you should check/get:
  • If you are working in teamwork, the next time you realize this happened, quickly make a support package of your project (Help>Create Support Package...), and then also go to the server and find the last backup of the project that was still fine, and send both this version of the project and the support package to your local GRAPHISOFT support team.
  • If you are working in solo projects (PLNs), then the next time you see this happen, open the BPN (it is always the last saved state) and if that is still fine, then there must have been something that happened between the last save, and the current state. In this case pack up the PLN and the BPN files (preferably save the PLN as a PLA), and send it to your local GRAPHISOFT support team along with the Fastlogger Files.
Based on the 2 states of the project, and the logs the developers at GRAPHISOFT may be able to determine what might have gone wrong. Also, in the meantime it might be worth installing the latest update (build 7000).

Daniel Alexander Kovacs

Professional Services Consultant


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