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New Dell 15" computer

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By the way I am thinking of buying the new 15" dell eps. Could you please post some comments about working and rendering with it.

Thank you

Barry Kelly
darwinland wrote:
By the way I am thinking of buying the new 15" dell eps. Could you please post some comments about working and rendering with it.
You will need to ask this question in the "Hardware" section.
I am very happy with my Dell laptop and have had no problems - but I don't use it a lot - just when I need to be mobile.


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Laszlo Nagy
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I have split this discussion from the other topic and moved it to the Hardware forum. You can discuss it here.
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I currently use DELL XPS 9560 with Archicad and other software. I'm very happy about it. I believe that the quality of components is top.
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They have just released the new xps 15" with the new Raedon integrated 4g and ore i7 8th generation, and top 16gb ram welded.
I asume that if it is welded RAM I can't update to 32 in the future.

My question is what is worthy to buy the new eps with i7 8 th generation 16 gb never upgraded, or may be the old i7 7th generation with Nvidia 4g gtx and 32GB ram. I usually draw with large patterns in the drawings and when selecting items the computer freezes. I also use illustrator and also working with patterns I also have problems, when trying to fill in with a pattern the computer freezes. Is this a matter of RAM.

Advises welcome

Erwin Edel
16 GB is pretty bare minimum these buying a new computer, I would say.

Intricate hatch patterns I would guess has more to do with GPU and CPU than RAM.

Personally use colour more (or shades of grey) to shade things for clarification. Dot patterns especially make for heavy PDF files and can cause slowdown.

Though most slowdown typically involves trace & reference.

I used in the past to look for my laptop options. I ended up buying a cheap 'crap'-top (with GPU and i7 and 8GB ram, so it is still passably usable) after weighing pros and cons from reviews there.
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Thank you for your answers,

And when you have lag selecting an item. What is its cause, poor cpu, gpu or lack of RAM...


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