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Objects keep dissapearing from '3D Document'

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Hi ArchiCAD gurus!

So I use 3D Document with Showing down to stories option and some object keep disappearing after I make some changes. First, I thought I messed up layers, but I checked. From two meshes from the same layers, one disappeared, the other didn't.

Layout reflects the same mistake that happens on the drawing, but after changing the layout combination to something else, and then back, the objects reappear on the layout. This trick sometimes brings back those objects on an actual drawing too.

I'm sorry if this has been already discussed, I used search but couldn't find anything.

Erika Epstein
could you have a duplicate of the disappearing element?
Architect, Consultant
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No, I checked it several times.
I've experienced this issue on different projects and on different PCs, I have no information about MAC though. I'll try to provide screenshots this evening as well.

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