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Off Center Font

Chris Grantham
I am overseeing the transition from PowerCADD to ArchiCAD at my office, and the font that has been the office standard (Helvetica CY) does not seem to want to center in labels or text boxes. Even when I use it on drawing titles, I have to offset it a bit from the title line. I know very little about fonts so it could be very obvious. Please see the attached pic to see what I mean.


16" MacBook Pro M1 Max
Mac OS 12.2.1
ArchiCAD 25 Build 6005

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I had a similar problem when we updated our office Macs to OS 10.5.5. All of my font labels were offset in exactly he same way.

Strangely enough, we were in the process of changing our default font for all our documents at the time and when I changed the font, they all came back centered. When I change the font back, it still is offset.

My solution probably wont help, you, but it may have something to do with the OS update.

(P.S.: I'm still wishing for a universal font setting)

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