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I recently downloaded the trial version and am trying to find my way around. In going through the downloadable tutorials, I've either come across a number of errors, or I'm just too dense to follow along.

A specific example is on pages 19-21 of the volume 2 training course, where it talks about deleting, moving, and adding mullions to the curtain wall. I can delete the first mullion, but after that I am unable to duplicate the steps as shown in the tutorial. I cannot get the mullion to "snap" to the "middle of the Boundary frame," and I don't understand how to draw the next one "upside down." Is that British for "from the bottom up?"

So, a couple of questions...1) Is the tutorial correct, and if so, what am I doing wrong? And B) Are there some other options for learning materials, books or online guides or what-not? I'm planning to use the software to draw a house we're getting ready to build, if that guides your recommendations for learning materials.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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