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Silent installation woes

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Hello, I have some problems doing a silent installation of ArchiCAD components. ArchiCAD itself is no problem, the problems are these:

1) AC14-4044-HOTFIX5-WIN64.exe does NOT seem to work silently. It pops up a question 'Select a language to be used for this wizard'. Ie not working. Library Hotfix #1 seems to work as it's supposed to. Maybe this is because we are using the SWE version? If so, how do we get it to work?

2) How can you perform a silent install of all the extra components? GDL Web Controls, Const Sim, Mesh to Roof, 3DStudio IN etc. Well everything that ArchiCAD seems to be using (Java Installshield?) is done in the same way. If you extract the installers you get a couple of files from all installations, for example:

Directory of C:\temp\GDLWebcontrols14


Are you supposed to use this setup.exe with some switch? Or the unextracted .exe with some switch? I tried every normal one I can think of, but nothing seems to be working.

This is quite a problem for us, as we are trying to automate our Archicad deployment, and with a large number of computers doing it manually is not an option.

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For extras and such, I usually install on one computer and then put all the installed add-ons to a central location. I then use a batch script to copy them to each users computer. faster than the installers too.

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So you can just copy the stuff from C:\Program Files\Graphisoft\ArchiCAD 14\Add-Ons to other computers? Nothing else needed? ArchiCAD detects it automatically? Do you also copy the Help directory?

Never even thought to check since I thought they registered everywhere. Thanks in advance.

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I copy the whole addon Folder and the whole documentation folder. There are a few others I need to copy since I am using a Cadimage addon. They no longer show up as being installed using add/remove programs, so when you remove ArchiCAD there will be some folders in the directory that will need to be manually deleted.

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Ok that makes everything much easier. Quite unusual for modern programs to have such flexibility that you can just copy stuff around.

Thanks again, will try it on monday.

Katalin Takacs
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
Hi All,

there is an updated article on ArchiCAD wiki which is worth to check in similar cases:
Katalin Takacs

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