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I'm looking to buy Archicad START EDITION 2021, but OH MY have they done it really hard to purchase anything online. 


WHERE do I buy an international START EDITION 2021 version?  


Thankful for quick help. 






Karl Ottenstein

I don't know that it is possible to make an online purchase for ANY edition.  As far as I know, you have to work through the reseller assigned to your country.   I know of some resellers who show products on an online shopping cart - but as far as I know, that just puts forward a purchase request that has to be resolved by humans.  I hope I'm wrong ... many have wished for online purchase options for years. 🙂


Go to which should open for the country you reside in and from the menu you can find the 'buy' option.  This is supposed to be easier - but the old site listed all selling partners worldwide which made it a lot easier to help someone like you find the right contact.  I can't find that map and list any longer.


One of the forum moderators
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Thank you very much for your KIND 🙂 answer Karl. I received the help needed from the selling partner in the end and have done the purchase now. Happy to see the quick response in the forum. Thanks again. 



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