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Trackball Recommendation?

Dave Jochum
A couple of weeks ago I bought a Logitech cordless mouse (5 button, scroll wheel) and installed the Logitech driver. The action is not very smooth and the cursor has a nasty habit of jumping off-screen. Anybody else have a similar experience? I've decided I want to go back to using a trackball (used the old 2-button Kensington for many years). Are there any recommendations for trackballs?

Dave Jochum
J o c h u m A R C H I T E C T S
MBP 16" (M1 Max) 64 GB•OS 13.5.2•AC 26 Silicon (latest build)

David Maudlin

I have been very happy with the Kensington Turbo Mouse Pro Trackball. 4 main buttons, scroll wheel and 6 direct launch buttons. The scroll wheel works for zooming in and out, and a middle click can be assigned to the scroll wheel or any of the 4 main buttons for panning.

David Maudlin
David Maudlin / Architect
Digital Architecture
AC27 USA • iMac 27" 4.0GHz Quad-core i7 | 24 gb ram • MacBook Pro 2.8GHz | 16 gb ram • OSX11.7.10

Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
I like:
the Kensington TurboBall (if you can still find one) has four programmable buttons, and works great on my OS X Panther G4 notebook.
I've been using this thing from system to system for years..
No jumping, and its bullet proof.

I noticed that the extremely smooth surface became less sensitive to movement after having "unwashed (oil-laden) hands" so I sanded the ball with a very very light sandpaper, and then added some WD-40 and then washed the excess off. Now the surface of the ball is flatter (non-shiny) and works flawlessly.
Jeffry Covarrubias
GS US Technical Support Team Leader
P-C2D 1.86GHz/2GB w/ 256MB GeForce 8600GTS; G4 OS 10.4.10 1GHz/1GB "[that other software] is a fancy set of electronic marker pens"

Not applicable
I too have the same Logitech mouse....I had to play around with the settings as I was use to the Micorsoft Trackball Explorer.
I'm sure you have the latest driver and software. Check to make sure that your motion speed is set the way you like. And uncheck the "disable game speed" or something. Seems to be a toss-up as to which mouse I prefer.
And dont eat Cheetos if your using any trackball type mouse...LOL

Dave Jochum
In case anyone's interested, I ended up buying a Kensington Expert Mouse Pro (trackball). It works very smoothly--5 buttons and scroll wheel programmable by application--6 more buttons with global programming. Very comfortable cushiony hand/wrist rest. It's identical to the Turbo Mouse Pro but some $10 cheaper (?-Don't know what's going on there)
Dave Jochum
J o c h u m A R C H I T E C T S
MBP 16" (M1 Max) 64 GB•OS 13.5.2•AC 26 Silicon (latest build)

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