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Troubleshoot hotfix installation problems

Marton Kiss

Troubleshoot permission problems on Mac

Issue: The installer of the Hotfix gives Archicad ## Hotfix ## cannot access one or more files/folder in <Archicad folder> message. Solution: As a first step make sure that you are logged in as an administrator user. In System Preferences, Users & Groups you can see which users have administrative privileges. In case the problem still remains, fix the privileges of the Archicad folder.
  • open Finder
  • navigate to the Archicad 15 folder (by default: /Applications/Graphisoft)
  • click on the lock and authenticate to change settings
  • click on the cog wheel icon and choose Apply to enclosed items... option
  • after this is done try to install the Hotfix again
In case the previous steps do not give a solution:
  • locate the Archicad folder in Application/Graphisoft folder
  • right (ctrl) click on it to get the context menu
  • duplicate the folder
  • after it's done delete the original folder
  • rename the new one to the original name
  • apply the Hotfix again

Warning message appears after applying a Hotfix on Mac


The following error message appears after you install a Hotfix on Mac (most commonly reported related to Archicad 15 Hotfix 2 build 3602):


Based on the latest investigation by GRAPHISOFT this might appear if Archicad was installed by an other user than the one who applies the Hotfix.


Possible solutions to change the owner of the Archicad folder, choose the one that is the easiest for you: Complete reinstall:
  • uninstall Archicad
  • install it again by the current user
  • apply the Hotfix using the same user account
Duplicate the Archicad folder:
  • Duplicate the Archicad folder in Finder
  • Delete the original Archicad folder
  • Rename the new folder to the original name
  • Apply the Hotfix
Change the owner with a terminal command:
  • open terminal from Applications > Utilities
  • determine your "short" user name - the internal user name that Mac OS uses for you (very likely different from your login name) by entering the 'whoami' command (followed by the 'return' key:
  • give the following command where
sudo chown -R $user /Applications/Graphisoft/Archicad 15
$user is your short user name obtained in the previous step, like johnsmith. You will be asked to enter your (administrative account) password for the command to complete. Be careful to enter a backslash, not a forward slash, after 'Archicad ' as shown. If you cannot re-apply the Hotfix again because the installer says that Archicad has been already upgraded:
  • locate ProductVersion.xml in your Archicad folder
  • open it e.g. with TextEdit
  • change the build number back to 3269 (choose a number below the new build)
  • save it
  • run the installer of the Hotfix again

teamwork.server.event.client.dll is missing after applying a Hotfix on BIM Server

Issue: Something blocks the installation of this file, as a result the file will be missing. (Windows only issue.) Solution: Stop all running BIM Server services:
  • click on the start menu, and type services.msc to the run/search field
  • select all Graphisoft BIM Server processes one by one and click on stop, stop processes regarding all installed BIM Server modules (14.0, 15.0, 16.0)
    • Graphisoft BIM Server <version number>
    • Graphisoft BIM Server Monitor <version number>
    • Graphisoft Teamwork Messaging Server <version number>
Locate the ProductVersion.xml within the BIM Server folder and open it with and xml editor (e.g. Notepad):
  • The default location of the file: C:\Program Files\Graphisoft\BIM Server\Server Modules\<module version>\TeamworkServer\ProductVersion.xml
  • Change the build number to one less than the build number showing in the file and save the file (eg. If the build is 4038 set the number to 4037). If the number is lower than a publicly released build for your localization, the Hotfix might not run.
  • As a result of this you will be able to re-apply the Hotfix
Run the Hotfix package again. Some error messages may appear, but you can ignore these. After that just restart all services on the same way as they were stopped, or restart the computer, open BIM Server Control Center and click on Start.

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