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Wall grip menu problem in section/elevation

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Hi all !!!
Question regarding AC19
Wall grip menu does't shows stretch tool if two walls are joined together in section or elevation
Please see attached image
Thanks for any suggestion

Gerald Hoffman
It is a known bug addressed elsewhere on the Forum. I believe it will be fixed on the 1st update perhaps around the middle of October.

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Thank you,
I appreciate

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
The Pet Palette displays only commands that are valid for the clicked node.
Try the other, inside node of that Wall corner, which is probably the end of the Wall's Reference Line. The Stretch commands appear only when you click the end node of the Reference Line, since Walls are stretched by either end of their Reference Line.
When you have one Wall the Reference Line of the Wall extends all the way to its side. However, when there is an L-joint, the Reference Line of the two Walls may join at a different point. Find it and you will find your lost Pet Palette commands.
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