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Wide Format Plotter/Printer?

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Any recommendations on a reliable, relatively inexpensicve printer/plotter for casual/home use, C/D sized drawings, USB or Ethernet, & works with a Mac?

Need one for the "Home Office"...

Stress Co_
I've been pretty happy with THIS.
Not great for photos.... but good for line work (Try a search... it's been discussed).
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Rod Jurich
Stress wrote:
I've been pretty happy with THIS.
Can second that, just bought my second one.
My son got my HP 100.
If you need a roll feed then consider the 110+nr
otherwise 110+ will hold A2 in the paper tray.
Works straight out of the box with Leopard.
Rod Jurich
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Thanks guys, I had found the HP110 mentioned in some prior posts - some blasted it for ink runs from raindrops, so was wondering if Epson ever made something usable nowadays for the Mac. Was also considering the T610 and HP500, but maybe the $1000 for the HP110 is the way to go.

Can second that, just bought my second one. wrote:

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