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Archicad 25 crashes after update to Build 4013

Hi, Everyone!I just updated my AC 25 to Build 4013.Now I encounter this problem: My AC 25 crashes immediately after starting it without showing any specific error. I already sent Bug Report to Graphisoft, but would kindly appreciate any advice from y...

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pdimova by Contributor
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Trouble with signing in the Archicad program on the new PC.

Hi, I already have a student license. I had the Archicad downloaded on my old computer. However, my old computer hard disk crashed and I had to get a new computer. After downloading the program to my new computer it wouldn't let me sign in (in the Ar...

Archicad sign in.jpg
AylinG by Participant
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Student license for Archicad 25

Hello everyone! I got a student license for ARCHIKAD 25. But I can't download the program. The download may take an hour, but nothing happens. I have had this problem for a month now and no one can help.I contacted my local GRAPHISOFT support represe...

Anny25 by Contributor
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Student license for Archicad 24

I need a student license (serial number) for Archicad 24 and i dont know how to get it, could you help me please? I already have licenses for Archicad 20 and 25. I can find on myarchicad these serial numbers but i dont know how to ask for the serial ...

Resolved! No startup dialog in new installed Archicad25

Hi, Archicad community. I have installed the new AC-25, and there is no the startup dialogue with recent and autosave files, as it was in previous versions. The Archicad immediately opens with the blank interface. What is the reason, and how can I re...

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Resolved! ArchiCAD25 bug on Monterey

Hello,my ArchiCAD25 give me a bug when I exit from a project workspace since I installed new version, MacOS Monterey. Have you any idea when will come a update for Archicad who solve this problem or if it's ok to use the program in this condition? Be...

VladGoo by Contributor
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