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hiding things

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I'm a rookie and I need help!!!! I've put some cameras around my model, but now I want to keep drawing and I'd like to hide them so they wont bother me (without erasing them). I'm sure there's a simple way to do it but I'm kinda lost!

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Two ways. Either -

In the camera settings, select one of the other tabs at the top. (vr object or vr scene) The cameras will disappear until you switch back to the camera tab.


Create a new path called 'blank' with no cameras on. Switch to this when you want the other cameras to disappear, select the original path when you want the cameras back again or to add new ones.

You can also create several different paths to store different 'groups' of cameras used for a particular purpose. eg internal renders, external renders, photomontages, walk-through 1, walk-through 2 etc etc.
David Maudlin

A third way: click on the Path... button on the Camera dialog box, and change the Display Options to None.

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Thanks a lot! It had to be simple!
By the way, I've been asking if someone knows where to find pivoting doors on gdl, you would'nt happen to know this would you?
Thanks again
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