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mac mini w/ snow leopard server

sounds like this could this be a good, cost effective small office file / bim server solution.
tim hanagan
aaha! design studio durango, co
27" retina 5k iMac 4ghz i7 os 10.13.6 m395x 4 mb, 32gb ram, 512 gb ssd ac 22 current
15" retina mbp 2.6ghz 1mb 16gb ac 22 current[/size]
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We are currently running our files server on a Mac Mini with Leopard on it. It works great... We considered server software but we really didn't need anything more than regular old leopard... We are waiting to upgrade to snow leopard until all of our software is caught up.... Our files live on a mirror raid external drive attached to the mini.... Haven't installed BIM server yet but feel like the set up will work well...
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