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migration of project at 65% to 15 worthwhile?

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not a problem, per se, I just didn't know what category this should be under.

I've been working on a renovation/addition project about 12,500 sf for 6 months now. we submitted 65% a little while ago. And with v15 now installed I am wondering whether I should be considering migrating it into v15 or if that would just be a waste of time. perhaps learning the new version makes it worthwhile... i don't know.

please opine away.
Graphisoft Partner
Graphisoft Partner
I've worked really hard at my office to eliminate the fear of migrating projects. My motto is that you should be happy to migrate any project at any stage. And I've proven time and again that it is simple and quick.

The four main things to look at are:

Libraries: making sure they all migrate but this is becoming increasingly easier as GS are starting to code like parts with identical GUIDs.

Teamwork: you need to save a teamwork project as a solo project, migrate, then reshare as teamwork. There are other ways, but that's the simplest and definitely the most reliable. you also need to make sure everyone leaves the project first, which is disruptive.

Hotlinked Modules: if you hotlink directly between projects you need to migrate them all before any updating can be done. If you use .mod files the way we dothey will all need to be republished.

New Features: you need to make sure that all the existing elements take on the required new features as you desire. Eg. your views have the correct renovation filters applied to each one.

It's pretty easy to save out a copy of the project and test the migration. I guarantee it will be easier than you expect. It's the mental block that is the hardest to overcome IME.

Having said all that I don't and won't upgrade any project until at least the first hotfix is released. We can't afford to deal with Graphisoft's bugs with the size of our projects. If I was on my own I would, but not with a big team who consider me the 'first point of contact' (literally) if something goes wrong!

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