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new mac pro

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About to make the jump from windows to mac. Want to buy a mac pro. The flash drive that comes standard is 256GB which seems woefully small. The 1TB drive is painfully pricey. Which leads me to the 512GB option. Any suggestions as external flash drives are not so pricey?

Also....can I open and run files located on an external drive without moving them to the internal drive?

While I am on mac things I recall in the way back Mac users could only have one instance of ArchiCAD running whereas PC's were only limited by hardware. Is this still the case?

Thanks in advance, Cary
Eduardo Rolon
No problem running from external disk unless you are using the MacPro for TW were it is recommended that you run it from the start up disk.
I have been running multiple instances from AC on a 2008 MacPro as far as I remember AC09 or 10 so that stopped being the case some years ago.
Eduardo Rolón AIA NCARB
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another Moderator

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Eduardo, thanks for the timely info.
Hi Cary,

The new Mac Pros are designed to work very efficiently with external hard drives connected by 'Thunder Bolt': Effectively as fast and 'available' as internal Hard drives.

And to second ejrolon, Macs have been able to run multiple instances of AC for some time now: On a new Mac Pro I would imagine that it would do so with great ease !
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