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purple programming code lines overlaid on ground floor display window?

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I posted as well in the Archicad-grasshopper connection topic –

as the problem described here could be related to the bloated file size and extreme Archicad response slowness I described there after sending pipe components from Grasshopper to Archicad but as I’m not sure, I’m posting this here in other topics as well.

At some point while Archicad 22 (I had just updated from Archicad 21) was updating elements from grasshopper, purple code lines appeared overlaid in my ground floor display window (see attached image). Nothing I could think to do, resaving, deleting the most recent elements sent from grasshopper, restarting Archicad and Windows, fixed it, and as I was facing a submission deadline as a last-ditch effort, I saved the file as Archicad 21 instead and sure enough, the code lines disappeared. I was still stuck with the extreme response slowness I described in my Archicad-grasshopper connection topic post, and the file size increased from 720MB to over 1100 megabytes but at least I was able to print a ground floor image – it took forever, and certain elements that were showing up in the ground floor display window didn’t make it to the printout (haven’t had a chance to investigate this yet), but the main elements were there which was better than nothing.

What has happened with Archicad 22? Since I updated about a week ago, I have experienced 3D display window problems, bloated files sized and extreme response slowness, and now this as well. What else is in store if I continue using Archicad 22. Having to settle with better than nothing, and constantly trying to find work arounds - seriously? I’ve posted earlier about my 3D display window problems but never got a response – hoping that this kind of active user/customer feedback that should be important to Graphisoft if they really want to expand their market share doesn’t just disappear into a black hole.

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