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3rd Party Sources for MEP and commonly used CD Objects

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Hi all,

I spend a lot of time searching for compatible (AC 25) MEP and commonly used CD BIM objects, most recently exit signs with emergency lights. Manufacturers' objects, the best potential source, are often outdated and won't load as a result. I haven't found the free BIM object sites to be very comprehensive with this type of object. It would be nice if the AC Libraries were a bit more complete with frequently used CD and MEP objects, but there is no indication that is going to happen anytime soon, so I would rather pay a reasonable amount for good sets of objects than waste time tracking down an individual item every time I find something missing. Can any one recommend good 3rd party sources for object packages for MEP and frequently used CD objects?


Hi John,
I once did an MEP product range for a company called Blucher in the UK through BIMStore UK, though it was so long ago I cant even remember what year... 2015 maybe. Hence it is probably fairly useless now.
The content was quite clever in that it contained only 9 objects but each object had multiple variations that were referenced from a database (TXT file I think, I have since moved on to XML for this sort of thing). The point being that we could create many elements with minimal work.

Since MEP is now built in to Archicad I have considered creating a new MEP all-in-one object; so if you tell me what you need I can build it. If we could get a manufacturer involved the result would be free to all users.
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Nicola Gardoni

Dear John

if you are interested of Outdoor Lighting fixtures please visit our website.

All products are Archicad ready.

here the BIM BOOK

here the library video launch




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