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Adjust settings of a downloaded door object

Stefan Videnov

Hi all,


Could you tell me if there's a way to make this door accept the Opening reference distance, rather than being glued to the wall it's put on?


-The manufacturer tells me that they can't make custom changes for me.

-I know I can make a new wall and put the door on it, but I'd like to keep the model flexible.

Thank you and kind regards,




Karl Ottenstein

I didn't download the door you're showing, but the Reveal parameter is only enabled with certain other parameter settings for built-in doors.  This used to be related to the wall type (stud, composite, etc), but at least for one door in the USA library, it is disabled when the default setting of "Frame Surrounds Wall" is checked.  Unchecking it enabled the reveal parameter.  Perhaps something similar might work for the downloaded door?


Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 2.51.53 PM.jpg

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Hi Karl,

Unfortunately this speciifc door doesn't have an option like this one. I was wondering if I could do something with the object itself (open object).



I don't think there is much you can do with this door. The Reveal parameter is available in the Info Box, but does not change the door.

Overhead Door reveal.png

The object itself is password protected, so cannot be edited.


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