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Creating New 3D Object From Jpeg

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Please how can i convert a jpeg photo of me into an archicad object and add it to my object library so that i can feature it my 3D environment.
Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
If I correctly understand your question than all you have to do is make sure the JPG file is in one of your linked libraries, reload libraries, then you can use the "Picture" GDL Object to display it in 3D and Renderings.
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Yeah. Thanks a lot. What I was asking in a clearer way is how I can convert a picture (maybe of me) into an object and bring it into the 3D environment so that it will be just like the trees, chairs and other objects. I really need to get this right. Thanks
Eduardo Rolon
As Lazlo said:

1. Load JPG into Library
2. Choose Picture Object from Library
3. On Picture Object select the JPG so that it is the Picture that will be shown
4. Place the Picture Object in your project.
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Barry Kelly
It will be a flat image of you in 3D - not a full 3D model if that is what you are after.

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This tutorial might be helpful:
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