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I have been trying to determine if there is a way to create a custom north point graphic that responds to the project location and follows the pre-set project north in ARCHICAD 21. I don't know a way of editing the 2D view of an existing north point and was wondering if there was a way to replace one of the preset graphics with my north point graphic. Would appreciate if anyone knows how to edit a north point of has any advice about how I could make a custom north point object.



David Maudlin

There are two approaches, but both require some knowledge of GDL. The command that reads the Project North direction is GLOB_NORTH_DIR.
1. Open an existing North indicator library part and search the 2D Script for where the 2D Symbol is drawn using GDL commands. Script your own North symbol, replacing the existing code. Some of the supplied GDL parts can be very complex, so searching and replacing code can be difficult.
2. Write your own object from scratch, using GDL commands to draw the symbol and rotating it using the GLOB_NORTH_DIR command.
If you search the forum there are links to guides about scripting in GDL. It takes some time to learn. Scripting from scratch on a relatively simple symbol (2D only, don't need to get into 3D) would be a good beginning project.

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