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I'm making custom furniture I've built into objects in Archicad 22, but I can't seem to get them to appear properly in plan.  For example, on the attached daybed I've modeled, I can't get the legs of the bed to be hidden by what is above it.




You need to either remove them from the 2d script 


Same a second object with out the legs and copy paste it's 2d script into the original object.




Or you could remove the 2D script entirely and insert the desired 2D as lines and fills into the 2D View tab.


Though looking at your image, your daybed is about the same as Designer Couch, minus the tuft buttons, found in the default AUS / INT library.




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Thanks for the replies


For clarification, I have not been scripting the objects, rather I just have been selecting the modeled elements in plan and then file>libraries and objects>save selection as>object.


Its not important to me that the objects are parametric.  I just want to combine the various slabs and morphs I modeled into a single object for easier management. Will I have to use scripting in order to achieve this and have it look correct in plan?  


Just figured out for myself that if you use cover fills, and make sure the legs are at the bottom of the stack, then save the object from the 2d window, and bam

Thank you!!!

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