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D Arch opening in AC12

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Hello everyone!

I'd like to write about a problem I met, while using AC12.
A wanted to make an D Arch Opening, quite a big one. 5,4m wide, 2,5 m tall. I experienced a strange bug (i guess it is) that curve's resolution is only 3. I tried to chage to resolution from 10 to 500, (and tried to change everything else) but it has absolutly no effect.

Anyone has met this problem before? Is there a way to fix this?

I attached a pic to see the problem.

Thank You!

- Ákos

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I've heard similar reports. What platform are you using Akos?

It is buggy on windows, but at least it's not set to a curve resolution of 4.

I can't seem to reduce the curve resolution. The preview window in the door selection settings appears to change when I modify the curve resolution, but not the placed object....See attached...
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I'm using Windows XP SP2.
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...and when I increase the size to the range of your example, I get the same result...I jumped the gun...

It's too bad...I use this object all the time!

and a quick check of the parameter script finds several other errors...
David Maudlin
I took a brief look at the D Arch Opening 12. The Curve Resolution parameter is used in the 3D Script only for the Settings Dialog (GLOB_CONTEXT = 5), you can see its effect in the preview window, but not in the part itself; the 3D for the opening is created with a macro (not code in the 3D Script), so I think the Curve Resolution parameter is not getting passed on to the macro. I post this so whoever is responsible for the part can get a head start on fixing it.

calebros: You should add a Signature to your Profile (click the Profile button near the top of this page) with your ArchiCAD version and operating system (see mine for an example) for more accurate help in this forum.

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Karl Ottenstein
Reported. I'm sure GS appreciates all of your help in isolating the issue!

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Thank you! I hope there will be a solution soon...

Rick Thompson

Still?????  I get 3 segments on a 12' opening???? So much for fixing this by 2022 Ac25.  My kitchen cabinet still look ridiculous with an arched opening in the back.  I hope they are not building it like that... 🙄

Screen Shot 2022-05-27 at 1.47.29 PM.png
Rick Thompson
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Have you tried increasing the curve resolution value that you can see at the bottom of your screen shot?



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Well, that embarrassing!!  I looked in evey panel for that, but not in plan sight.  Thanks Berry

Rick Thompson
Mac Sonoma AC 26
Mac M2 studio w/ display