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Door Display in Plan View


I am running AC 22 and have a question regarding door display in plan view.

Under Model View Options, I have chosen the “Full” option because I like the way it looks.
But there is something I don’t like...

I prefer to show doors in plan without any indication of any glazing in the door. Adding the lines for the glass does not print well. I find that even doors with wood “panels” also look like they have glazing in them in the plan view. I have wasted many billable hours dealing with this. I might be missing something. GS Support said this is a "training issue" and wouldn't help me. So much for ArchiPlus... I just want the doors in plan to look like I've done them for years.

In other words, I would like to represent doors in plan as rectangular “slabs” without the indication of glazing. I do not want single line doors,

Any input would be appreciated.


Gregory J. Wolters, Architect
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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
So, if I understand correctly, none of the Door display options available in the Model View Options Dialog can serve your 2D purpose.
Could you post a screenshot of exactly how it should look?
Then we can create a wish for it and submit it to GRAPHISOFT.
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