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My boss is wanting me to build a vast material library. He is very open to purchasing something that has great images, instead of me going through and trying to make every material and the final product not looking exact in the models. Items like different stones, brick types/washes, flooring, interior and exterior wall coverings, flooring, bath products, etc.
We design high end custom homes and are in the US market. The only libraries I've really found are European market.
Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Archicad 24 on Mac.

Thank you!


Archicad 26

If it's hard to find - then probably it does not exist. I know before - many-many years ago (20 years) was companies on US market, that have been selling special libraries of materials, fills and objects. But I'm not sure they are still alive.
Maybe try to ask local distributors - if they know anything. This is one of their responsibilities - to provide ArchiCAD clients with additional solutions.

I never was satisfied with available libraries - so I started to collect information and built my own library of textures and building materials. So instead of using standard fills and materials available - I was downloading textures from supplier web-site, drawing symbol fills to represent let say timber or marble and entering physical parameters for building material.
I also been creating my custom library parts - by downloading 3D models from the manufacturer web - and converting it into library part. Converting models from Revit (using plug-in), 3ds max, 3D DWG and many others.
But, to achieve really good quality, GDL scripting needs to be involved and it's time consuming process.

Exist one big web-site, that trying to cover international market as wide as they can. Called BIM objects:
They have very big libraries of real product, but I never can find there what I want.

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