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GDL: Basic UI Shapes

Hi all,

Is there a way to create basic shapes in the UI script without resorting to images?


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Barry Kelly
Apart from horizontal or vertical lines or rectangles, not that I know of.
You will have to use a picture.

And be aware that the bounding box of the picture will block other infields & outfields even if the picture has a transparent background.
It is especially troublesome for infields - it may look like it is in front of the picture but you can type anything in the field.
The trick I have found if you want an infield and picture to overlap is to script the infield, then the picture and then the same infield again.


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I use single pixel bitmaps for frames and line (H&V),
It could be possible to script the other shapes using such single pixel bitmaps as well...yet I try avoiding it, because more complicated the UI scrip is, the less responsive the UI can be (especially the first use until it is cached).

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