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GLOB_CUTPLANES_INFO[1] inconsistency

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Hi there,

I'm scripting a 3d object with a 2d symbol with Cut Plane sensitivity.
To achieve this, I am using GLOB_CUTPLANES_INFO[1] to give me the height between the cut plane and the base of the object, and display the fill acording to its position (Cut/View/Projection).
So far so good...
Now I notice that when I set the object to be displayed in "All Stories", the value that GLOB_CUTPLANES_INFO[1] gives me is different from other objects at the same elevation but in different home story.
Is this a bug or am I missing something?



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Aparently GLOB_CUTPLANES_INFO[1] gives distinct values for cutplane height in 2d and 3d context.

In 3d context it gives the correct cutplane height defined in Floor Plan Cut Plane Settings.

In 2d context, with objects in its home story, it correctly calculates the height between the FPCP and the bottom of the object.

In 2d context, with object not in their home story, it gives an inconsistent value which I can't understant its logic.

I tested the PROJECT2 method with a triggered CUTPLANE in 3d (Which I want to avoid due to performance issues, once the object will be mass reproduced in a project) and the issue persist.

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Just found the answer here.

Thanks from the future!


Answer from the link in Braza's post since the answer is part of the OP not an answer to them:



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