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Import 3D Model with Texture


Hello All,

I have a point cloud model which I have converted to mesh with textures in .ply format. I have opened this in Blender and am trying to bring this into Archicad as model with texture. Is this possible and what is the best method of doing this?

I have tried Collada (.dae) format but couldn't get the textures to come through. Help!




I would try Modelport, it is an API that assists in the import and management of 3D assets in Archicad. that is how I bring in content for projects I need to produce renders in Enscape in.

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when You export als collada-File from Blender, its imported in Archicad as GDL and with ok-mappings - but if You convert it to morphs, it looses the right connections for the mapping-coordinates of each face. You just have to use it as GDL-library-part without beeing able to edit it.


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Thanks very much Nathan. I will take a look into this!

Thanks for your response. So it seems the textures should come through as default. I am now suspecting that it is to do with Blender. The .ply model comes with vertex colours (colours attributes) and I think recent versions of Blender is having issues exporting vertex colours (as reported on a number of blender forums!). I will look into this further and maybe try earlier versions of Blender as well. Thanks for your help!